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Latest Trends Of Home Decor In India

Does your home interior decoration speak volume about your personality, your traits, and your demeanor? Yes, your home is an expression of who you are. Home is the place where one spends maximum time. It is the place to relax, to be with family. In a scenario where stress has engulfed one and all, pleasing home interior decoration can instill a sense of pleasure. At least when you come back home from a hectic day at work, you can let the stress go off; such should be the dcor with aesthetically pleasing window drapes in unique patterns, colorful cushions, appealing rugs and carpets, attractive paintings, eye-pleasing photo frames, lamp shades, and the list just goes on. You can keep furniture that is different from what is available in many a home.

Think about home dcor in India. It is no surprise if you come across people who indulge in luxury in the true sense of the term, enhancing their home interior decoration aesthetics with eye-pleasing and luxurious dcor products. They energize their living spaces with beautiful Indian home accessories. Just as what you wear adds to your style statement, the same applies for home decoration products for a home. And just as your wardrobe gets filled with newer collections according to the changing fashion trends, many people do add to the home interior decoration collection, buying innovative items according to the trends and changing the dcor often, giving the interior space a new look quite often. They add or remove the home decoration items based on their preferences and the overall decor of the home. Yes, the true artist who loves life in its different hues will certainly find reasons why home interior decoration should not look the same all the time. Embellishments and change, for the artist, is

Sep 19

Small Accents Deliver The Perfect Decor To Many Homes

The mark of quality can be found inside a number of homes that are devoted to acquiring the finest furnishings available. Filling a home with decorative lamps and clocks a homeowner that is as concerned about the presentation of the house as they are about the comfort of their furniture can find all of the small accents that help to bring each room in their home together. Over a number of years of collecting a person slowly builds their home into the place that they dreamed it would be.

What some people do not understand when they first buy a house is that it takes about 15 years before everything is finally perfect. Whether that includes gathering the items such as a small accent table for the end of the sofa or painting each room to reflect a certain style and give personality to the residence the work of creating a home is a long term project.

It seems that there is always something that needs to be worked on or improved upon. For couples that are just starting out this is especially true. The collection of hand me down furnishings and second hand artwork or furniture is a welcome addition for a young couple in their first home, but as the years pass the inherited items give way to the purchases and personal touches that the family creates them self. Working on the landscaping as well as adding articles like decorative clocks the house finally comes together just about the time the family decides that it is time to move.

Perhaps it is the feeling that the home is finally finished or something that suggests a project needs to be done where there is nothing to be added or subtracted to the interior or exterior of the

Sep 19

Characteristics of Tuscany Kitchen Decor

Italian style home setting is ever increasing when a Tuscany kitchen decor is called for. When deciding on a home decor, one needs to consider various factors, to include blending the interior with the exterior and added attention to detail. The Italians are very cognizant of their traditions and their past. You can see that in a Tuscany kitchen decor. Try to incorporate that in your style.

Tuscany kitchen decor includes…

Earthen colored environment blending the interior with the exterior. Earthy colors like beige intertwined with bolder colors such as turquoise, green and reds. Garden windows bring in the garden from the outside. Fresh herbs can be used in cooking your famous bowl of spaghetti. Ceramics line kitchen racks. Spices stored in ceramic bottles contribute to longer lasting spices. Hand embroidered table linen gracing kitchen tables. Usually the color white with matching napkins. Napkin rings are also a must. Freshly picked and brightly colored flowers simply placed on kitchen tables and throughout the kitchen. Light dictates color and think warm, glowing hues in your home decor. The immediate surroundings of your home should flow into your kitchen with the door held wide open.

A well thought out landscaping theme will enhance the Tuscany kitchen decor, thus blending the interior with the exterior. By mixing an old Italian built dining room table with new cabinetry or using modern art placed tastefully above an antique chest, the feel of a Tuscany kitchen decor is created. Fresh cut flowers and ivy looking plants cascading over the cupboards brings the charm of the outdoors into the kitchen designed to invite family gatherings.

This style is easy to achieve if you remember to blend the past with the present. Research the Italian culture. Learn

Sep 16

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home Decor

Lighting has a unique place in every home and is an intricate part of design detail. The many finishes, designs, and shades are what make choosing the appropriate lighting fixture for any home dcor a daunting task.

Rich finishes give the fixture a unique depth. Bushed nickel, chrome, and metallic will transform any contemporary design. For the tropical feel of a beach home or island look, let the rattan, cork, reed, bamboo or wicker finishes accentuate the space. Antique Brass, Metallic Bronze, Dark Graphite and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes can complete your Art Deco or Antique look. The finishes are definitely not boring or plain.

The design or shape of a light fixture will really set off a room as well. Urn shaped bases with contours and elegantly turned frames make for a traditionally formal or comfortably casual motif. Industrial lines, sculptural and square-tube construction, hand forged iron or metal look, and tapered arches can bring visual impact to any contemporary or loft style space. Wire frames or flat panels embellished with rope, bamboo, cork, natural reeds or certain types of grained wood can create the botanical or nature like feel. Taking time to browse through the many authentic and different styles and shapes will ultimately transform any room. No matter how amazing a light fixture may look either in a corner, on a table or on a wall, don’t forget that the shade also plays a huge role in achieving the look of elegance or panache. Shades can be round, square, rectangular or flared. They can be glass, metal, paper or fabric. The shape of a shade sometimes tends to echo the shape of the lighting fixture. A shade must fit the light. White and cream tapered drum shades tend to coordinate well with the brighter finishes

Sep 16

Ideas for Creating Graceful Decor for Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Anniversary Venues in London

Completing 50 years of wedding is enough reason to throw a grand party for your dear ones. Whether you are willing to organise party for your parents, grandparents or even if it’s your own 50th anniversary, you need to add some personal touch to the celebration. Setting the mood is one of the most important aspects of any celebration. When your guests enter the venue, first thing that captures their minds is beautiful decorations of the hall. A well decorated venue will definitely get you compliments for organising a memorable party. If you are looking for appropriate venues in London, there are plenty of options to pick from. Select from a range of anniversary venues in London and set the party according to your taste.

Below are some decoration ideas that will help you beautify the venue while adding some personal touch to it.

Gold Is the Colour Arrange the colour schemes in gold colour as it works best for the 50th anniversary celebrations. Use the colour in centrepieces, invitation cards, banners, vases and candleholders to signify the occasion. Also, pick another rich colour such as wine or navy blue to contrast the gold colour. Make sure the ambience looks graceful and defines the occasion perfectly.

Fancy Flowers Will Add Some Grace Decoration without beautiful flowers sounds incomplete. For 50th anniversary decor, use bunches of fancy flowers in every corner of the hall. Make bunches of 50 flowers each and set those on each table as a centrepiece to give a striking look all over the venue. If it is difficult to find gold colour flowers, make use of the ones that compliment the colour scheme of the hall. Violets, red roses, tulips and carnations are some of the ideal options.

Lighting Lights create beautiful affect

Sep 15

Nursery decor should flow with the rest of the home

One of the tasks of soon-to-be parents is to make sure they have an area for their tot to sleep in.

Not only should this space be highly practical, but is also helps if it looks good, it has been suggested.

Writing on ShelterPop, Sara Brown claimed that nursery decor should fit in with the rest of the property.

She stated: “It’s a good idea to design a baby room that flows with the rest of the home’s decor.”

This is particularly the case when such a room has to invade other areas due to a lack of space, she added.

Ms Brown made her comments in reference to the example of Sherry and John Petersik, who had to convert their dining room into a space for their baby to sleep in.

The pair, who are now known for their tips on nursery decor and other such topics, decided to keep a blog about their own experiences in order to reduce the sense of frustration they had.

Ms Petersik noted that it is important not to have too many baby gifts and items in the space as there would be no room for the infant itself if this is the case.

However, small items such as snow globes may make a welcome addition, serving as objects of beauty and entertainment.

The DIY enthusiast added that it helps to have a “stash spot”. In other words, if every item has a place in which it can be kept, it is easier to keep to the home looking clean and tidy.

Meanwhile, commenting on the couple’s decision to keep a written record of their trials and tribulations concerning home decoration, Ms Petersik stated: “We were putting in so much hard work and

Sep 13

Interior Painting – How To Perfect This Art

One of the best ways to give your home that well-overdue makeover is with a lick of fresh paint. Interior painting is simple to do when you know how to go about it. If you follow these handy tips, you will know exactly how to do interior painting just like the professionals.

The great news is that you do not need to employ the professionals to come in and paint your home. You can easily learn how to do interior painting yourself. Here is what you need to do in order to avoid the patches of uneven paint on your walls:

– Prep the wall beforehand: Before you can begin painting your walls, you need to make sure that they are smooth and that they do not have any existing substances on them, such as wallpaper. This may mean that you need to sand down the walls and fill in any existing holes and cracks.

– Prime your walls: Before painting the wall the final colour that you want it to be, make sure that you prime it. Primer will create a layer on your wall that will make it as smooth as possible. This will stop the final layer of paint from blistering or bubbling. Some professional painters will even use the final colour to tint the primer slightly. This will help to give you a more vibrant colour once you have finished the paint job.

– Protect your flooring and border: Before you start painting, you need to make sure that you move out all of the furniture and cover the floor with a protective fabric. This can either be plastic or canvas. You will also need to place masking tape around the borders and electrical sockets so that they do not get accidentally splattered with paint.

– Invest in proper equipment: When

Sep 13

Tips To Decorate Your Place With Beautiful Flower Vases

Flowers bring life to a living place as well as refresh the environment at a workplace. Flower vases not only offer support to the floral arrangement, they also enhance the natural beauty of the flowers. A decorative flower vase is counted among the most preferred office and home decor. The existence of these vases in variety of designs makes it exciting for the people to make the right choice. Here are some tips that should help you use flower vases to beautify your place.

Vases in Muted Colors
A flower vase with loud colors may fight with the flowers to gain attention. It is better to choose the vases with muted or neutral colors so that they complement or enhance the beauty of the flowers. A metal flower vase is the apt choice for this purpose. However, a decorative flower vase which is not too loud is not a bad choice either.

Choosing the Right Material
Flower vases are available in variety of materials, like glass, ceramic, metals and crystals. A Steel Flower Vase is a popular choice these days as it has a distinguished charm to blend with all types of home and office settings.

Different Shapes of Vases
Cylindrical and bottle-shaped flower vases are in great demand among homeowners. Bowl like flat flower vases too are popular choices for homes as well as offices. You should make sure that the floral arrangement doesnt look awkward when done in a vase with a particular shape. Another point worth considering is that the height of the floral arrangement should be almost equal to that of the vase.

Place of Installation
Flower vases can be installed on tables or shelves. A flower table vase should be made of unbreakable material, like steel or metal, so

Sep 13

Overview Of Exterior Paint Primer

Presence of professional Vancouver paints contractors has been making home and office decoration projects of individuals simple and easy going. Moreover, they are known to offer a range of paint supplies including primer, exterior & interior paints and so on.

Through this article, we will come to know about primers which are among major painting components. Please go through the following points and know about exterior paint primer in detail.

For smooth surface

Primer is used to make any rough exterior surface smooth. As it acts more as glue thus, it can easily stick to any wall surface to make it ready for paint. Though there are numerous choices available in the market, it would be better to consider recommendations of professional painters or leading Vancouver paints contractors.

Stain blocking primer

Sometimes, it becomes harder to remove stains or odors of cigarettes and fires. Here, it is of no use to apply two or more coats of general primer. To remove such stains, painters make use of oil based and water based versions to make any surface stainless. Water based options are also available in no VOC formulations to support easy cleanup.

For drywall

If drywall is smooth, one can use standard drywall primer-sealer. But, if drywall is affected with certain stains, peels, cracks or other minor imperfections, the painters apply high-build drywall primer sealer for better painting results.

If the exterior walls are in better condition, one may avoid priming and can get nice painting results by applying two coats of high quality finish.

Vapor barrier primer

The condition of high moisture in areas like kitchen and bathrooms can cause imperfections in final painting. Moreover, presence of moisture in the interior can slowly cause cracks or blistering on exterior walls as well. Taking this

Sep 10

How To Decorate A Wall Around A Flat Screen Tv

Flat screen TV is considered as a focal point of the wall. This electronic device can make almost anything next to it look silly and diminished. In order to balance large impact of flat screen TV, you should be care when you are going to choose the dcor that you want to put on the wall around it. If you put too many small items, the wall will look cluttered. However, if you put not enough items, the wall will look unfinished. Therefore, you have to select the items which can extend the impact of your flat screen TV and compliment it. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will guide you to decorate a wall around a flat screen TV. So, just take a look at the easy tips below.

The first thing that you have to do is to hang the floating shelves on the either side of your flat screen TV. This not only will create decorating space, but it can also draw the eye outward and away from TV. You have to choose the shelves which can match the finish of your TV. For instance, the sleek, black floating shelves can match the most flat-screen televisions.

The second thing that you need to do is to place the decorative items on the shelves. You can use the tall, interesting items rather than the small, crowded items. The tall tapered candles can be a good idea. You need to avoid adding something that can detract from the clean and modern lines of flat screen TV like a lot of stuffed animals or dried flowers.

The third thing that you can do is to install some arts above the shelves. By adding one or two black and white photographs above the each

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